M Fry Psychologist is the hub for Schema Therapy in Brisbane.

We are a Schema Therapy focussed psychology practice.
We provide Schema Therapy training, supervision and support to clinicians.
We conduct Schema Therapy research.

Why I love Schema Therapy?

It helps us make sense – why we are the way we are and why we do the things we do. It helps make sense of enduring life patterns, core ingrained beliefs, unhelpful behaviours, and most importantly of our emotional states.

Schema Therapy is built on a model of core emotional needs and the negative impact on a human being when our core needs are unmet. Unmet core emotional needs in childhood and adolescence create schemas, which can be perpetuated throughout adulthood, resulting in our schemas becoming increasingly rigid and inflexible over time. Schemas are comprised of cognitions, emotions, memories, and body sensations that influence how an individual views him/her self, relationships and the world. Hence, we can develop belief systems, behaviours and emotional reactions that don’t really fit the requirements of many present situations, which results in us seeing the world ‘through the lens of our schemas’, negatively interrupting and impacting our adult lives!

Schema Therapy can allow us to understand and heal these deep emotional wounds. Schema Therapy can help us learn about ourselves, others and the world around us. Also, more adaptive, helpful and healthy behaviours and beliefs for the present.

This can result in us being able to grow into the healthy adult we want to be –
  • One who is emotionally aware and able to express and regulate our emotions.
  • One who can have appropriate and healthy behavioural responses to situations and triggers.
  • One who has healthy beliefs that allow us to function in our everyday.
  • One who can develop healthy relationships with ourself and others.

This is the M Fry Psychologist motto: Heal. Learn. Grow.

As a certified Schema Therapist, supervisor and trainer, I am passionate about Schema Therapy. I love working with clients, supervising and training people in and with the model.

M Fry Psychologist is a schema focussed practice, with all of our clinicians learning and practising from this model.

Megan supports certification training run by Schema Therapy Institute Australia.

Megan offers supervision to clinicians interested in accreditation with the International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST) and those just wanting to know more about Schema Therapy.

Find out about our online supervision groups and Schema Therapy masterclasses and workshops below.

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Schema Therapy Accredited Training

Working with the "Soldier Mode"

Over the years I have combined my two passions: working with military personnel and Schema Therapy.

I have developed a unique schema therapy approach when working with military personnel, which accounts for the psychological effects of military service and addresses the “Soldier Mode”. This approach allows us to look beyond PTSD in veterans and instead identify and understand the effects that military service has on one’s identity, beliefs, behaviours and consequently their ability to adjust into the community after military service.

For more information please read or watch The Psychological Effects of Service.

I have presented on the “Soldier Mode” by:

  • Co-authoring an International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST) Bulletin paper with Dr Suzy Reston titled “Treat the Soldier & Unlock the Healthy Adult”.

  • Presenting on “Transforming the Soldier” at the Inspire 2018 ISST conference in Amsterdam.

  • Preparing to conduct a skills class, “Working with the Soldier Mode” at the next ISST Inspire conference currently scheduled for Jun 2021.

  • Talking to Dr Tracey Hunter about Bypassing the Soldier Mode.

I conduct two-day workshops for clinicians, which assist clinicians gain a new perspective and learn practical therapeutic techniques when working with military personnel in the therapy room. Whilst my workshops are tailored to an Army “Soldier” perspective, the model is transferable to other arms of the Defence Force, Police and Emergency Services.

Watch out for my webinar series on the “Soldier Mode” coming soon! Information about Schema Therapy and updates on dates and locations of Schema Therapy training can be found on our workshops page and Facebook page.

Also, you can sign up for updates via our newsletter:

Finally, I am completing a PhD at Griffith University (QLD) to validate our approach with the “Soldier Mode” and the clinical outcomes we see from using this model in the therapy room. I am investigating soldier identity and whether a novel group schema therapy intervention improves psycho-social functioning in a group of transitioned military personnel.

I look forward to sharing this exciting research with you over the next few years!

Kind regards,


So, if you are interested in learning more about Schema Therapy, we hope to see you at M Fry Psychologist or at one of my workshops.